Meet Our Team


Name: Amy L.

Master: Stylist, Cut Color Specialist
Professional Since 2002 

Personal: My career has spanned over 18 years and has allowed me to travel the world over doing what I love. I have co-owned Salon Estetica an Aveda salon for 14 years. I never want to stop learning and creating exceptional hair.


Name: Kelly R.

Master: Stylist, Makeup Artist
Professional Since 2013 

Personal: Kelly has had a passion for the beauty industry since she was a small child, When she taught herself how to braid using her dolls as models. These days, she’s moved onward and upward to live models, and loves making her guests look and feel their very best. In particular, she loves color and highlighting, as well as updo’s and specialty styles of all types.



 Name: Melissa L.

Master: Stylist, Salon Mentor, AVEDA Ambassador
Professional Since 2006

Personal: Melissa completed her training in Wisconsin through the apprenticeship program while assisting an award winning Aveda hairstylist. And she followed up with her Manager’s and Instructor’s licenses. She believes learning never ends.  



Name: Victoria M.

Senior: Stylist and Makeup Artist
Salon Lead Training Support
Social Media Ambassador

Professional since 2019

Personal: Victoria’s passion in life is not only making herself creatively glammed up, but making others feel beautiful through makeup and hair services. She is a certified makeup specialist. She knew she wanted to be a cosmetologist after finishing high school and realizing that nothing made her happier than all things beauty.


 Name: Savannah H.

Senior: Stylist and Makeup Artist
Professional Since 2019

Personal: Savannah first stepped into the beauty world when she worked weddings with her aunt, whom is a makeup artist in Indiana. There she fell in love with glamorous makeup looks and styles. She soon after got her cosmetologist license.




 Name: Sarah S.

Junior: Stylist and Makeup Artist
Professional Since 2019

Personal: Sarah loves giving her guests an out of this world experience and making them feel confident and beautiful.




 Name: Sandra B.

Junior: Stylist 
Professional Since 2021

Personal:  Sandra is a motivated hair stylist, who is  passionate about her career.





 Name: Shaun G.

Senior: Stylist 
Salon Creative Director

Professional Since 2002

Personal: Shaun has been a passionate hairdresser for over 10 years. He enjoys creating natural soft hair color as well as short and  curly hair.